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When trying to decide between the wire type crates or
plastic there a few things you should consider.

The wire crates have some basic features that make
them the better choice in most cases.

The best style is a fully collapsible wire crate that folds
down like a briefcase. There are others that are in
many pieces that have to be put together with long
metal pins in each corner. All four sides, the top and
the bottom are all separate panels. This type of crate is
much more difficult to put together than the all in one
folding style. While folded they are very easy to store or
travel with. The plastic style crates come apart in two
halves that are more difficult to store or travel with.

The collapsible metal crates have plastic or metal trays
that pull out of the bottom so that they clean up very
easily when your puppy soils the bottom. The plastic
molded style has no tray at all - which makes cleaning
puppy accidents quite a chore!

Some manufacturers also include a metal partition with
the collapsible metal crates that will divide the crate
into a smaller size for the puppy when you first bring
him home. As he grows you can give him more and
more room in the crate until he has access to the entire
thing. This is a great feature that allows you to
purchase only one crate instead of replacing the
smaller ones as they grow.

Some puppies do like the "Den Like" feel of the more
enclosed plastic style crates..... but on the other hand
many puppies love to be able to see what is going on
around them with the metal crates. If you have a puppy
who prefers the enclosed crates but you have a wire
crate you can cover it with a blanket and have the best
of both worlds! (You should take caution that some
puppies may pull the blanket through the bars and
chew on it!)

In short: the majority of breeders do typically
recommend the metal fully collapsible crates with a