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When you first bring home your new puppy you will have to decide exactly
where the best place will be to put the dog crate. Different people will have
differing opinions on the best way to handle this question - but in reality nobody
can tell you for sure what is best and we will explain why:

First of all many people will simply say that it is best to put the crate next to your
bed. This may work extremely well as the puppy will be able to see you, hear
you and smell you and that can be a tremendous comfort to many puppies
during this difficult time of transition. But, on the other hand there are also many
puppies who because they can see you, hear you and smell you - but they
cannot reach you.... it will drive them absolutely crazy and they will bark, whine
and cry for hours because of it. This is why nobody can answer this question
for you with any real accuracy. Your puppy may act completely different in your
new home than in the home of the breeder where they have been raised.

So, the best thing to do when trying to figure this all out is to begin by asking
yourself, "Where will the dog sleep when it is an adult?". If the dog will be
invited into your bedroom as a full grown adult then you can certainly try putting
the crate in your room the first few nights in order to see how it will go.
If the puppy is comforted by your presence in the room then this should be a
great way to go. If the puppy is irritated because they want to be with you then
move them to a different area of your home. If the dog will not be allowed in the bedroom as an adult - then do not allow him there as a puppy.

For those puppies who are not comforted by being in your room or for those
who will not be sleeping there as adults you would be better off finding a spot in your home that is further away.

Puppies need to learn that it is ok to be a lone. They have to figure out that they are not being abandoned, they are only being given time to sleep - then you will return to give them all the love and attention that they want! Once they learn this the crate will typically become a place that they think of as their own "Home".