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Every litter is born under our direct supervision. We never allow
our moms to deliver without us being right there for every single
puppy! Each puppy is towel dried, then blown cautiously with a
dryer until it has been sufficiently warmed.  The puppy is then placed back with the mother while we make sure it begins nursing successfully.

The puppies are handled several times every single day by our family. 

As the pups get older and begin eating food, they are moved from
our living room into our nursery. They never leave our home while
they are here with us, they are never in a kennel or barn. They remain inside our home where they can hear vaccuum cleaner noises, tv's, people, and the normal eveyday environment of an active family. This helps to properly socialize our babies.

Our pups are cleaned, fed and visited at 7:00 am.  Lunch is served
around 1 pm where the whelping boxes are spot cleaned and water
bowls are filled. This routine happens again around 4:00 and dinner
comes around 7 at night and another clean up is included during each feeding.

We begin weaning the puppies gradually when they are about 5
weeks of age. By the time they are 7 weeks of age they are
completely taken away from mom.

The pups are generally wormed at 2 weeks, 4 weeks and 6 weeks
of age. The first puppy shot is given at 6-7 weeks of age and they
are checked over thoroughly by our veterinarian prior to going
home in order to make sure there are no unseen health concerns.

The pups are bathed, blow dried, ears cleaned and nails trimmed in
order to get them used to the entire process. They are also
included in quite a few photography sessions prior to going home
as well!

During all of our visits, feeding, grooming and photography
sessions we note individual personality traits on puppies in each
litter. This is done in order to help you decide which pup will best
suit your individual family.