Imagine Taking Home A Golden Doodle Puppy That Has Learned All Its Manners On DAY ONE!

INTRODUCING: Lakeshore Doodles Puppy BASICS Academy!

Meet Chase!

Male GREY.heic

Chase is currently in a 3 week intensive training, where he is learning the following:


  • Clicker Training

  • Crate trained

  • Sit

  • Down

  • Recall

  • Loose leash Walking

  • Sitting to greet


  • Grooming table manners

  • Relaxing for exams

  • Allowing nail clipping

  • Bathing

  • General grooming manners


  • Sound Desensitization

  • Surface Desensitization

  • Confidence Building

  • Handler Focus

  • Redirect Unwanted Behaviors

  • Marker Words

  • Car Travel

Plus! Because the way Chase's training is implemented, it will make fully house breaking him much quicker and easier!


Chase making GREAT progress. Watch the video below as Chase works through his skill in a busy Home Depot.


Watch the video below of Chase, on day 4 of training, working on his skills in the rain. Award winning trainer, Amanda Farnsworth, gives a overview of what Chase is working on:

Click For Sound!

(keep checking back for more videos on Chase's progress)

Chase will complete his training on September 16th.



    • Chloe: Standard Poodle

      • 42lbs and 21" at the shoulders

    • Harley: Petite Multigen Goldendoodle

      • 18lbs and 15" at the shoulders

GENERATION: Mini Multigen 'B' Goldendoodles

SIZE GUESTIMATE: Approximately 25-30lbs at maturity

We cannot guarantee height or weight ranges of our puppies. Just as children can be quite taller or shorter than their parents or siblings, puppies from any one litter can also be different than each other at maturity. We do our absolute best, but we cannot control genetics. We call our range a "Guestimate" because we look at the parents sizes and the grandparents, if known, and offer an estimate on those facts - but in the end it is only an educated guess.

COAT TYPES: Wavy, & Curly

GUARANTEE: 2 year genetic health guarantee

VETERINARY: Thoroughly checked by our vet; first course of vaccinations administered, multiple courses of parasite medication administered

DATE OF BIRTH: 6/10/22

AVAILABLE: September 16th

HEALTH:  Chase CANNOT inherit over 150 different DNA tested genetic health issues because we have carefully screened our adults.

These health issues can include: Clinical Genetic Issues, Blood, Hormones, Immune Issues, Eyes, Kidney, Bladder, Multisystem Issues, Brain & Spinal Cord/Neurological, Heart, Muscular Issues, Metabolic Issues, Gastrointestinal, Neuromuscular, Skin & Connective Tissues, Skeletal Issues. Listen to Beth Giordano, founder and former owner, explain our genetic testing program:

DELIVERY: Possible delivery to Syracuse or Albany / Airline travel only if you fly into Rochester or Buffalo NY to pick up your puppy. Car delivery service is not part of Lakeshore Doodles, but they only transport our puppies. We would never send our babies with a driver who picked up from other  breeders because of the possibility of disease transmission.


$4,500 + tax

Call/Text Louise For More Info: