You must use caution when buying a mini doodle! Don't let this discourage you.... simply become informed and make a wise choice!

For years we refused to breed miniature doodles because temperament is a huge concern for us in our breeding program! This was a problem for us because we knew that oftentimes the Miniature Poodle was not known for having the same patient and gentle temperament that the Standard Poodles are known for, especially with young children. It is not unusual for a mini poodle, or toy poodle, to be snippy with kids and quite yappy as well. These attributes can certainly be passed down to the mini doodles and we did not feel it was beneficial to reduce the size of our puppies knowing that we may be sacrificing temperament.


It took us YEARS to find a mini poodle that would exceed our expectations with personality, temperament and intelligence! Bentley was the first mini poodle that we added to our program and it took us three years to find him! We have recently added Justin and Brodie and they are absolutely amazing! You can read more about them on our Meet Our Dads page.

In summary - if you are seeking a mini doodle - do not be discouraged..... be informed! Do your homework and make sure the mini poodle that was used, has the type of personality and temperament that you would want in your own home and family, if they do not, then continue looking! Don't be an unwise shopper by purchasing the first cute little face that you meet! Temperament should be a big concern when you are looking for a mini doodle.


Don't Get Discouraged
Good Mini Doodles Can Be Found....
But Always Remember
You May Have to Really Look Around!