Electric fences are a very common choice for dog owners. 
We are often asked whether or not we feel that they are a 
good thing to consider or not.

Here are a few things to think about:

First of all - we have heard from many of our past 
customers who have used them very successfully and they 
would highly recommend them. One reason they seem like 
such a good option is that Goldendoodles are not known 
for being a real "Challenging" type of dog. They are 
typically very loyal, loving and people oriented - which 
means that they most often want to stay with their family. 
There are other breeds that have a strong desire to wander 
and roam and oftentimes these types of dogs can actually 
stop and think about whether it is "Worth It" to cross the 
line in order to get where they want to go or not. This is not 
considered a typical Goldendoodle temperament.

So for most Doodles the electric fence is a viable option.

But the one thing you do have to take caution with is that 
they are excellent for keeping your dog IN your property - 
but what they are not good for is - keeping other animals 
OUT of your property.

If you live in an area with wild animals or where stray dogs 
may wander - it may be safer to consider a chain link style 
fence in order to protect your dog from unwanted visitors 
that may harm them.


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