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Once you decide on the breed you wish to purchase and you locate a
reputable breeder - the toughest part is yet to come. Upon arrival at the
breeders you will be faced with many of the most beautiful little faces you
have ever seen. Choosing the best pup for your family should be more than
picking the one that you think is the cutest.

When you visit with the puppies take notice first of which pup or pups break
away from their litter mates to see you. This is often a sign of a pup that will
be harder to train as they may tend to be stubborn or high energy. If they are
comfortable leaving the safety of the other pups to run and see strangers
they may not be the best choice in the litter for a family pup.

Also watch them interact with each other.  A pup that is bullying or picking on
the other pups will tend to also be more aggressive in nature with humans.
This does not always translate into problems with biting or being aggressive with people as much as being submissive to thier owner and easy to train.

When you pick up each pup that you are interested in flip them over on their
back and cradle them much like you would a baby. If the pup struggles
fiercely and does not settle down at all note this as well. You are looking for a
puppy that might struggle some but who will relax and enjoy a good belly rub
at the same time.

Always ask the breeder which pups seem to be the bully or lead pup from the
litter. Try to find one that is not the most aggressive nor the shyest that does
not have an interest in meeting you. One right in the middle is the best choice
for a family pup!

Find out what the pups were doing prior to your visit. If they just ate or were
having a rough play time with each other - they may not be acting like what is
typical for them. So, always listen to the breeder if what you are witnessing is
different than what they are recommending. Pups get tired after mealtime and
playtime. The puppy with the most energy may be having a sleepy period
when you visit.


With all of this being said - the training you give your puppy once you take it home has a huge influence on it's behavior as it grows. A calm puppy can learn to take advantage of you and be hard to handle just as an active puppy can learn to be calm and very well mannered depending on the training it has.


Your best bet is to choose a puppy with a calmer, middle of the road type of temperament and then give the puppy very consistent training right from day one!