Please know that we are doing our very best to protect our family and our customers during this difficult time. We know that some people will completely understand our decisions and others will not be quite so happy with them.... But, what many people do not realize is that our puppies are sold to people who travel from many of the states that surround New York. On any one puppy picking day we have people visiting from Conn, Mass, Pa, NJ, NYC, Rhode Island, and Virginia. Each family coming, might also have 2 to 6 people with them - all playing with and handling each and every puppy throughout the day.

We do not know if puppies can carry and transmit viruses on their fur - but we also do not know that they cannot. Could one of our visitors unknowingly have Covid and transmit the virus to the puppy while hugging, kissing, and cuddling with it? Maybe.....

Many of you have voiced concerns and are asking us how we will be handling the pandemic. Because of this, we are taking the following precautions. I know some of you will be very disappointed to learn that you will no longer be able to meet all of the puppies in person in order to choose - but we feel it is no longer safe or responsible for us to continue doing it this way, until the pandemic is over. 


  • All picking appointments will be done using Zoom

  • I will forward a Zoom appointment invitation to you by email/text JUST BEFORE YOU APPOINTMENT - WHENEVER THE PERSON BEFORE YOU IS DONE. THIS COULD VARY BY UP TO 30 MINUTES.

  • Please have your computer on and be signed into our website a half hour before your appointment time. There are many times that the people before you will choose a puppy quite quickly and we may be ready early. We will of course wait until your appointment time if it is not convenient or possible for you to begin early. 

  • I will learn more about you and your family before you will view the puppies, so I can make recommendations that will meet the specific needs and preferences of your home.

  • We will talk about each puppies energy level, disposition, overall size, and coat type. I will let you know if there are any concerns with shedding, excessive barking, timid or shy behaviors, dominance issues, if any one gets car sick, or has any other notable issues at all.

  • I will show you the puppies one by one and we will work together to make the best possible selection for your family. 

  • Please remember that I have lived with these babies since the moment they were born. I also know the temperament and energy level of every parent. I will do my very best to help you make a wise choice!

  • Your puppy can still be picked up in person OUTSIDE, at our Meet and Greet location, 25 East Bank Street, Albion NY after using Zoom.

  • The transfer of the puppy will take place outdoors

    • You can zoom from your hotel or a coffee shop with wi-fi

    • Tim Hortons is just down the road which would enable you to choose by Zoom from there - then pick up your puppy directly afterwards, as we are only a few blocks away.

    • Delivery options to Syracuse or Albany are also possible for an additional fee, on the day we have chosen, if you decide not to come in person. (Syracuse is $300, Albany is $400)

  • We will have a set of paperwork for you to sign and leave with us AS WELL AS A COPY FOR YOU AND  YOUR VET.


  • Your puppy will be bathed the night before and will only be handled by me personally after that (and possibly by one of my family members when it is time to transfer the puppy to you)

  • We will practice safe distancing by remaining 6 feet apart when transferring the puppy to you

We sincerely hope we can begin having people come in person to play with our precious little ones when it is safe to do so. Until then we truly appreciate your understanding!

Here are a few unsolicited comments that some of our past customers have made about their experiences when having to choose utilizing online sources.