Collar - we recommend nylon adjustable collars with a sturdy buckle. 
Leash - a 6 foot leash is what most obedience instructors recommend. 
Crate: we prefer the wire crates over the plastic version because the wire style has a pull out tray that makes it easier to clean.  They also have a divider which allows you to partition off a smaller size for your puppy until they are no longer having accidents.
- 42" Crate for Standard puppies
- 36" Crate for Mini puppies
- 30" Crate for Petites
Bowls: We prefer stainless steel because it resists bacteria better than plastic. It is also better because puppies cannot chew it.
Slicker Brush: There are many types of brushes that will work well but this is my favorite. It does a good job removing small tangles and if there is any loose hair it will remove that as well. 
You can get the puppy version which is gentler - as you do have to use caution with the amount of pressure you use with these brushes. The wire bristles can scratch the skin if used harshly.
Nail Clippers
There are a few different styles you can choose from. This particular type includes a guard that can be moved over the whole only allowing a specific amount of the nail to fit through. This protective piece will not guarantee that you will not clip the quick causing bleeding, but it will limit the amount of the nail that could come through.
Kwik Stop
This is styptic powder which is essential to have on hand while trimming your puppies nails in case you nick a quick and cause bleeding.
Purchasing a shampoo made especially for dogs is the best option as human shampoo can have a different ph level and can dry out their skin
Always follow up with a conditioner as it will add oils to the coat so it does not dry out. They also can leave a wonderful scent which may last for several days.
Ear Cleaner
Proper ear care is important - there are many different brands of cleaners that can be purchased. We particularly like the ones that turn to a powder after being put into the ear which can help to prevent ear infections from overly moist ears.
Sterilized Bones
These bones are made out of the shin bone of a cow. They are very sturdy and do not splinter. They are very hard and will last quite sometime for most doodles. Although it is possible for dogs to crack their teeth on hard bones - we have never had this happen. We prefer these bones over rawhides as large pieces of the hide can be swallowed causing serious intestinal blockages sometimes needing surgery.