• PARENTS: Izzy (a.k.a. Dixie) and Doogie

    • Izzy: 42lbs and 18", Mini Multigen
      Doogie - 26lbs and 17", F2b Mini

  • SIZE Medium/Lg Mini Multigen Goldendoodles, 30-35lbs at maturity

  • HEALTH: These babies CANNOT inherit over 150 different DNA tested genetic health issues because we have carefully screened our adults.

    • Including: Clinical Genetic Issues, Blood, Hormones, Immune Issues, Eyes, Kidney, Bladder, Multisystem Issues, Brain & Spinal, Heart, Cord/Neurological, Muscular Issues, Metabolic Issues, Gastrointestinal, Neuromuscular, Skin & Connective Tissues, Skeletal Issues

  • DATE OF BIRTH: 9/25/19

  • COAT TYPES: Wavey, loose curl, or curl - we will explain each puppies coat


  • DELIVERY: Possible delivery to Syracuse or Albany / Airline travel only if you fly into Rochester or Buffalo NY to pick up your puppy


    • Litter box trained - NOT NECESSARY TO CONTINUE ONCE HOME

    • Socialization: Raised in our home and handled daily since birth!

    • Eligible for 2 weeks of Puppy Obedience Training

      • Will learn how to sit, lay down, and come 

      • Will work on not jumping up on people or nipping

      • Adjust to being all alone in their crate overnight

      • Continue with our litterbox training

      • The cost for this 2 week Puppy Obedience School is $600

      • Please call Stacia directly at (585)659-4125 to reserve your spot

    • ANOTHER OPTION: 2 weeks of training with Rachel and Neil at Certified Canine in Pulaski NY. Please call them directly at (315)298-5755 to find out what they include. Their program is $800 for 2 weeks.

  • GUARANTEE: 2 year genetic health guarantee

  • VETERINARY: Thoroughly checked by our vet

  • PRICE: $2500

  • DEPOSITS: We are accepting $100 non-refundable deposits to hold the puppy of your choice. Deposits may be moved to another litter at anytime



Moriah will be about 30lbs at maturity and she will have a wavey style coat. Moriah ADORES PEOPLE DEEPLY.

She loves to give kisses and would make an awesome therapy dog.

FEMALE - $2500

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