We litter box train every puppy we raise because it instills in them the knowledge that there are places that are are acceptable to go potty and others that are not. It also allows us to keep our babies perfectly clean!

We use long narrow plastic bins - similar to a rubber made tote that can fit under a bed for storage. We then put a thin layer of PINE PELLETS made for Horse Stalls - that is deep enough to cover the bottom of the pan. These pellets are purchased at Tractor Supply Stores or Country Max.

When the puppies urinate on the pellets they turn to powder which is easily scooped out as needed. The stool is simply picked up with a plastic bag, tied shut, and discarded.

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO CONTINUE USING THE LITTER BOX WHEN YOU BRING YOUR PUPPY HOME. They are ready to crate train and take directly outdoors at 8 weeks of age. You can use a box temporarily by the door you will be taking them outdoors with - as a transitionary step if you want to. You can also put a few pellets outside on your lawn in the area you want them to learn to use. This is something you would only do for the first week or so.

Litter box training is a great help to those who live in apartments in NYC as well!

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