We're Looking For A Guardian Family For Archie!


Hi!  My name is Jim Gray and I own Lakeshore Doodles. We're a small family owned Goldendoodle breeding business located in western New York.  Lakeshore Doodles has been producing quality Goldendoodles that we hand raise right in our home for almost 20 years. Our dogs have gone to live with families in New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Maine. 

Many of the males that we breed live in "guardian homes" with their families and then come to us for up to 6 visits a year or for a couple days each visit to breed with one of our females. After a male finishes his time in our guardian program, he exits the program and lives the rest of his life with his guardian family.

We love doing business this way for two reasons: First, it helps us pair a deserving family with an amazing, high quality dog that they might otherwise be unable to afford. Second, it gives the dogs an incredible quality of life-- they live as the beloved pets of their family.

Here are the details on Archie:

Archie is a pure-bred standard poodle. He is 3 1/2 years old. He weighs approximately 55lbs.  

Archie comes to us from another reputable breeder. However he hasn't always lived in a guardian home. So, the right guardian for Archie will be someone committed to helping him learn his basic manners like sit, stay, down and come. For the last 3 months, Archie has lived in a home with a family with children. So, he is well on his way to being house broken. But, again, the right family will need to be prepared to help Archie become fully house broken.


Archie's over all demeanor is very good.  He is attentive and has a medium energy level. He plays well will children. We think he'd  do best in a home where he's the only dog. 

The Requirements To Be Considered

  1. You have to love dogs! Even if you've not owned a dog in the past, if you've been looking to own and have taken steps (or are willing to take steps) to prepare your home for a dog, this might be the right program for you.

  2. You need to understand that you'll be working with a young adult dog that will need some training.

  3. You must live within 100 miles of Kendall, NY.

  4.  You must be willing to drive your boy to our farm 1 to 7 times a year when we need him for breeding. 

  5. You are responsible for all the expenses of non-breeding related veterinary care and the expenses of the general care and feeding of your dog.

  6. Once the dog exits the program-- you keep him and love him forever!

Archie is ready to go to his guardian family immediately. If you are interested in being Archie's guardian and then his forever family, please fill out the application below and I'll reach out to you and we can talk about the possibilities.

Lakeshore Doodles