Belle & Duncan


We imported Belle from Romania and she is Champion Sired. They do NOT come any sweeter!!

Belle's hips were cleared by PennHip


Dunkin is the absolute best boy! Super sweet, a lot of fun, and sooo obedient and willing to please!

Dunkin's Hips and Elbows were cleared by OFA prelims as well as his heart and patellas



    • Belle: Bernese Mountain Dog - Imported from Europe

      • 98lbs and 24" at the shoulders

    • Duncan: Standard Poodle

      • 57lbs and 24" at the shoulders

  • GENERATION: F1 Standard Bernedoodle

  • SIZE GUESTIMATE: Approximately 60-100lbs at maturity

    • We cannot guarantee height or weight ranges of our puppies. Just as children can be quite taller or shorter than their parents or siblings, puppies from any one litter can also be different than each other at maturity. We do our absolute best, but we cannot control genetics. We call our range a "Guestimate" because we look at the parents sizes and the grandparents, if known, and offer an estimate on those facts - but in the end it is only an educated guess.

  • HEALTH: These babies CANNOT inherit over 150 different DNA tested genetic health issues because we have carefully screened our adults.

    • Including: Clinical Genetic Issues, Blood, Hormones, Immune Issues, Eyes, Kidney, Bladder, Multisystem Issues, Brain & Spinal Cord/Neurological, Heart, Muscular Issues, Metabolic Issues, Gastrointestinal, Neuromuscular, Skin & Connective Tissues, Skeletal Issues

  • DATE OF BIRTH: JUNE 12, 2021

  • COAT TYPES: Loose or Wavy

  • POSSIBLE COAT COLORS: Black, Black & White, Tri-Color


  • DELIVERY: Possible delivery to Syracuse or Albany / Airline travel only if you fly into Rochester or Buffalo NY to pick up your puppy



    • Socialization: Raised in our home and handled daily since birth!

    • Eligible for 2 weeks of Puppy Obedience Training

      • Will learn how to sit, lay down, and come 

      • Will work on not jumping up on people or nipping

      • Adjust to being all alone in their crate overnight

      • Continue with our litterbox training

      • The cost for this 2 week Puppy Obedience School is $600

      • Please call Stacia directly at (585)659-4125 to reserve your spot

    • ANOTHER OPTION: 2 weeks of training with Rachel and Neil at Certified Canine in Pulaski NY. Please call them directly at (315)298-5755 to find out what they include. Their program is $1000 for 2 weeks.

  • GUARANTEE: 2 year genetic health guarantee

  • VETERINARY: Thoroughly checked by our vet

  • PRICE: $5000 with spay/neuter agreement​​

Dakota is currently enrolled in puppy obedience school. Her trainer sent us her first two progress videos! 

Dakota is a sweet, cuddly, submissive girl who simply wants to be wherever you are! She follows close and loves to be with her favorite person! 

Dakota has a small umbilical hernia that is not causing her any health issues at all.

$3400 for Dakota
and $600 for the Obedience Trainer