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Delivery to Syracuse or Albany NY may be possible for these babies.




- F1b Standard Goldendoodle
- Parents: Jewel & Bennelli
- DOB: 8/18/21
- Size Guestimate: 50-60lbs
- Coat Type: Wavy not tight curl
- Currently enrolled in Puppy Obedience School
   - Will know how to sit, lay down, and come when called
   - Getting adjusted to being alone in his crate
   - Litter box training is being continued
- Genetics: Cannot inherit over 200 different DNA tested genetic       
  health issues from their parents. 
- Jackson does have only 1 descended testicle at this time. This may 
  come down on it's own. If it does not, the vet will simply remove it
  when he is being neutered. It should cause him no health issues. 
- Cost: $4000 for Jackson & $600 for the Obedience Trainers


rosie duncan RoseBud.PNG


- F1 Standard Bernedoodle
- Parents: Rosie & Duncan
- Mom is an imported, AKC registered, CHAMPION SIRED Bernese
  Mountain Dog. DNA tested, Hips, Elbows, Heart, And Patella clear
- Dad is an AKC registered Standard Poodle who is DNA tested, Hip
  Elbow, Heart, and Patella Clear
- DOB: 8/28/21
- Size Guestimate: 70-100lbs
- Coat Type: Wavy not tight curl
- Genetics: Cannot inherit over 150 different DNA tested genetic     
  health issues from their parents. 
- Daisy has a very small umbilical hernia that should cause her no
  health issues. If it does not close on it's own the vet may choose to
  stitch it at the time of spaying. But we truly do not believe it will 
  require any additional veterinary intervention at all.
- Cost: $5000
- Available 10/23/21