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"Just wanted you to know that Reeses is doing well. No. Doing Fantastic... Our vet (two check ups since he's come "home") confirmed that we do, indeed, have a very healthy pup... His temperament is extraordinary. Very, very sweet. Compatibility with Chase is more than we could have hoped for. They are buds. It was a risk on our end to adopt via internet. We could not have been more fortunate. Thank you for your efforts re communication and for all that your whole family did in raising such a gentle addition to our family. Should you ever have cause to, please feel free to use us as a reference for any other family inquiring long distance about your pups. Again, so many thanks! Mary"

"Just wanted to let you know how Brandi is doing! She is growing fast, we lover her big feet and her beautiful ears. Brandi is doing great and rings her bell when she has to go outside. She's out of her crate at night now and sleeps with us and Daisy. Brandi and Daisy have really bonded, they are like two peas in a pod - always snuggling. Daisy is very loving and gentle and patient with Brandi, she just adores her as we all do. Thank you so much for two of the most lovable wonderful dogs. The Clark family

"Dear Beth, We are having so much fun with Bailey... he is great!! He is so affectionate, funny and very smart. He has learned to sit, lay down, come, stay, shake and "High Five", and all by five months old!! He is growing so fast and I thought you and your family would like to see him. Here are some pictures over the past month. Again, thank you for such a wonderful puppy! Lord bless and we'll keep in touch, Alesch's

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I'm writing because I am a veterinarian in Amherst, and I continue to be so impressed with the quality of your dogs. A very good friend of mine has a Standard named "Jersey" who is now 12 or 13. I met him when Jackie first got him as a puppy, and he has been an absolute joy. His personality is amazing and he has been so healthy throughout his life. My friend has twin boys, and they "grew up" with Jersey. What a blessing that this is the way they learned about dogs; learned about the love and grace that a dog can be for a family.

Another good friend just recently got a puppy from you that she and her husband named "Teddy." I have to tell you: Teddy is pure magic. He is truly the best puppy I have seen in a long time. Well behaved, bright, joyful---I could go on and on.

These are just 2 examples that I know very personally. I have wanted to write you for awhile, and just express gratefulness. You are an excellent breeder. It shows.

Diamond and Harley Pup


"My Buster is from their last litter....He is beautiful and so smart! We love him so much! He is almost 10 months now and weighs about 15 lbs. He is 10 months on the 29th of this month -October. He is so well behaved...He sleeps in his crate (since day 1) and sleeps all night long next to our bed. He is potty trained and listens well. He loved people, children and other dogs....Very happy go lucky! I highly recommend Lakeshore Doodles He has been the best thing that has happened to our family.we drove 5 hours to pick him up but it was so worth it."

I just wanted to send you a quick note about Maggie. My husband has advanced Alzheimers and has started to wander at night. The other night he left the bed and I never heard him. Maggie woke me up, by pawing at me trying to wake me. At first I tried to ignore her, but she was relentless. It was then I realized my husband was not in bed. In a panic I searched and Maggie lead me to him. Thank God she alerted me to which could have been a dangerous situation. She is truly a very special dog.... We thank you for bringing her to us! 

Hi there! Just wanted to check in and show you Molly! Her dad was Toby but i cant remember who her mother was. She is such a great dog! She is so smart and knows how to open the dog gate if we do not fully lock it. She is great with the kids! She is very much retriever and loves to fetch. But while she loves to play, she also loves to snuggle. Her coat is so incredibly soft and wavy that she feels like a toy. She doesn't shed at all (except when she lost her puppy coat, which happened quickly and we kept it under control with grooming). We keep her coat short as you can see. We absolutely love Molly. We will definitely be getting our next puppy from you as well. Thanks for breeding our awesome family member

Just wanted to say how happy we are with our goldendoodle Miles! He turned 3 on march 19th. He is so sweet calm and friendly! we could not ask for a better dog nor for a better experience with lakeshore doodles! Thank you again!

Hi Beth, I just wanted to write to you because today is our Buddy's birthday (known to you as Elliot) :-) !!! We adopted him from you and I just wanted to tell you what a joy he has been in our family. We have lived in four places since we got him and he has adjusted beautifully every time. He is the sweetest, most trainable dog I could have imagined. I trained Buddy to do his potty on areas with wood chips in our last two houses, and he adjusted to that perfectly! My two boys are in college now and my daughter is in 9th grade. I can't believe she was only 5 when Buddy came to us. She has grown up with her dog and can't imagine life without him. When I reflect back on when I contacted you about getting a dog from you, what I appreciated the most was the time you took to ask questions about our family to see what kind of personality of a dog that we wanted and would fit best with us. You did that perfectly. Buddy is so laid back and just loves to play ball and hang out with us. He follows me everywhere in the house and always lies down right outside my door. :-) He's a great watchdog too, but is usually barking with his ball in his mouth! :-) I just wanted to thank you again for giving us such a wonderful member of our family. And I pray that you are enjoying success in your business and have a blessed year ahead. Enjoy a few pictures of our boy! God bless,


Beth - I just wanted to share this with you.  I just picked Theo up from the groomer.  She is very experienced, has been in business 20 + years, thriving business here in town.  When I picked him up today she said "you know you have a perfect dog don't you?"  And I said "do you mean his personality?"  And she said "just everything!"  I just wanted to share that with you. We agree, he is perfect

"Hello! We just wanted to let you know that we absolutely adore Ralphie. He has the sweetest personality. Our vet and trainer keep telling us that we really have an exceptional dog. My neice had a terrible fear of dogs - she couldn't be anywhere near one. After meeting Ralphie, seh has fallen in love with him. His patience and gentle disposition have completely eliminated her fear. Everyone has been so amazed with him. I can't say enough about him. Our kids look forward to seeing him everyday. He has been a great addition to our family! Thanks Kristen and Chris

Hi, This is Max and his favorite soccer ball. When he was with you, he was Kato born from Brodie and Kalissa. He has been a wonderful addition to our family, even for me and I was not a "dog person" at all! He is smart and fun loving and adored by everyone who meets him. Thank you for all you do! Elisa

"Beth, here is some news about our wonderful puppy!!!! He has been a blessing to our family!! And our children check your website every day, looking at all the new puppies!!! They are trying to talk me into getting another one so Shiloh has a playmate, but I keep telling them that 1 puppy is good enough right now! However, I do have to say that Gatsby is absolutely adorable!!!!! How can we thank you for such a wonderful addition to our family!!! Bartlets

Hi Beth, here's Ruby at 4 months. She is a beautiful color and has a great, spunky personality. We get so many compliments on her! - Kara

Hello, I just wanted to give you an update on one of your puppies.  My Husband and I bought Madison (otherwise known as Tory) in June.  She is a wonderful dog!  She is so much fun and full of love.  She loves to cuddle and always wants to be right next to us.  She goes to doggie day care one day a week because I have a graduate class in the evening, and that way she is not in her cage too long.  She loves it. She loves other dogs and all people.  We get so many compliments on how great she is and how beautiful she is.  She is already 40 lbs and is just starting to get feathers.  Thanks once again for such a great dog! Mulder's

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"Hello! Just wanted to get in touch and let you know how much we love our puppy! He has been a wonderful addition to the family. He can't get through PetSmart without everyone saying hello and that he looks like a stuffed animal. He was 21 pounds at his vet appointment, loves riding in the car, didn't even turn his head for his shots, and my vet has asked for your contact info. You may be hearing from him for one of his own! Everyone says he is a calm puppy, but he is also wonderfully playful. Thank you! Sanchez'

"Hi Beth, Just wanted to send you a quick update on Lily, our 7 1/2 month old. She has an extremely loving and sweet temperament (most of the time she thinks she is a 10lb. lap dog!) She has completely grasped all of the basic commands such as sit, stay and down. We have even taught her some hand signals, she is a very smart dog. People are always stopping us to comment on how beautiful our puppy is. Please feel free to contact us as a reference if ever needed. We could not have selected a better addition to our family and wanted to thank you. M. Tougas

Hi Beth & Family, Just wanted to drop you a quick note on how Ranger is adjusting to his new surroundings. He is doing really great here, and checked out wonderfully at his first vet visit ( he was quite the celebrity at the vet's office!). The boys are enjoying him so much and are learning some life lessons in responsibility! They even decided to keep the name Ranger! He is very easily trainable and has an excellent disposition.We couldn't have asked for a better pup than him, and would highly recommend your springer pups to anyone. Thanks for all of your help!!! Sincerely the Wright family

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I just wanted to provide to you an update on Willow who was a part of the 7/4 litter. So you have some information about her in order to provide some additional info about your breed. She is just over six months and is 22lbs. I think this means she will be around the 30lbs that you estimated. Does that sound right? She has long hair which I have not yet had cut with the exception of her face. She is sweet, loves kids and other dogs, very social and loves to retrieve which seems like she has many of the golden traits. I have given her a bath about six times and she loves the water. She has adapted well to many environments of bringing her back upstate to my family or going to other people's houses. She is smart and potty trained so quickly, at around 4 months and had no accidents after 5 months. She is not a big destructive chewer, when she gets a toy with a squeaker, she loved to squeak it on her own. So cute! She is mellow. When I work from home, she is calm and easy going. I love her so much. People from the neighborhood love her and always ask about her. She has many goldendoodle friends here in Brooklyn and many other puppies to play with.

"Oh my heavens to Betsy! What a sweet puppy! I have never in my life seen such a calm dog. She follows me around and even followed my grandson around, but no jumping or nipping. Wow" Pat

Hi Beth! Our Luca is doing fantastic! I just wanted to tell you that we just got back from the vet... I gave her all the information you gave us and she was incredibly impressed! She said that she does not normally like what breeders send home, but that she really, really likes all the information you sent us home with. She said Luca looks like he had been VERY well taken care of and it is obvious he came from a top notch breeder! She sad she does not normally see this level of exceptional breeders! Thank you!!!! Bridget

"Hi Beth, just wanted to report in with Belle, she's darling. Just adorable, everything you said: affectionate, sweet as can be, playful, smart. She already seems to have grasped the fetch concept pretty well, and she also seems to love a good tug-of-war." Blausteins

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