The answer to this question is quite simple! The minute you 
purchase your new pup. An eight week old puppy can learn to sit, lay 
down and stay.

You should never allow any behavior now that you will not happily 
except when your puppy is full grown.

If you do not want your dog to jump up on people, make sure they 
are always sitting politely  in front of you when you greet them or 
whenever they want your attention. Do not reward them with being 
petted until they are under control.

If you do not want your dog to beg at the table, do not feed him 
scraps directly from the table EVER! Always give any table food 
after dinner is done and always put it in thier food bowl.

If you do not want them in certain areas of your home, teach this the 
day you bring them home. Simply let the puppy follow you to the 
door way of the room that they are not allowed to enter. As you 
cross the door way, quickly turn around, stomp your foot at the 
puppy and say "Wait".  If they try to pass through pick them up , set 
them behind the door way and firmly say "NO". Continue this until 
they sit back - even for a quick minute and praise them. With 
consistency an 8 week old puppy can be trained without the use of 
annoying door gates. You will have to try to entice the puppy to 
follow you past this border in order to correct him. Never use his 
name to call him over this will only confuse him. Once he is 
consistently staying out of the room, you can roll a ball or toy past 
the border and correct him if he passes over. By teaching 
boundaries in your home you will be able to teach them outdoors as 
well. This is helpful in keeping dogs away from gardens or the road.

You can also teach your dog to go potty in only a certain area of 
your yard in order to keep the rest of the yard clean. Simply take 
him to the special spot everytime you take him outdoors during the 
housebreaking period. Never let him go anywhere else in your yard. 
As he gets bigger and goes out on his own, you should reprimand 
him if he goes somewhere other than the specified location just as 
you would when he has an accident in your home.

If you do not want your dog on the furniture or beds as an adult do 
not let him sit in your lap when he is little.

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