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We do allow people to come meet our puppies but protecting our puppies is
our main concern - so we do take special precautions.

Before asking to meet any of our puppies you will have to complete our
online puppy application so that we can work together to determine which
litter or puppy might be a good fit for what you are looking for. If we do not
have anything that will work for you we might be able to make a good
recommendation for another reputable breeder who does.

Because our puppies are raised in our home with us and not in a separate
building we do not allow stop in visitors. Appointments are made first for
those people who have already placed a deposit on the litter and these will
be scheduled in the order that the deposits arrived. If there are any puppies
still available after those who have had deposits down have made their
selections - we will then schedule visits for those interested in meeting the remaining puppies.

Because viruses can be brought into our home by unsuspecting visitors we
have all puppy selection appointments take place at a different location than
our home. We have asked previous customers NOT to visit any other kennel
or breeder on the same day they will be coming to us so that they cannot
bring parvo or many other deadly viruses to our home - only to find out later
that they had visited other breeder friends of ours on the same day. We
simply cannot take chances like this with our babies.

We also have people visit our puppies that we meet online, who come from
all over the country. Not many people would feel comfortable inviting
strangers that they meet online into their home with their families - so
because of this and as a way to better protect the health of our puppies, we
meet in another location.

We begin making appointments when the puppies are about 8 weeks of age. We wait until this age so that we can tell you more about the puppies
overall sizes, coat types and personalities. We want to make sure you make a
wise choice instead of an emotional one! And you need this additional
information instead of just choosing by color or only by their appearance.

If you have any questions about visiting just let us know!